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"they say you can't buy happiness; but you can buy a massage -- and that's sort of the same thing."

- unknown


As of December 2020PHOENIX WELLNESS started offering mobile Reiki and Distance Reiki treatments alongside our regular massage therapy treatments.

Oracle Card Reading will be available soon too, so stay tuned!

Interested? Intrigued?

Book a session or send Aileen a message for any inquiries you might have about Reiki or Oracle Card Reading.

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PHOENIX WELLNESS is an independent mobile massage service in Edmonton providing custom built therapeutic massage treatment from the comfort of your own home.

Phoenix Wellness also started offering mobile Reiki treatments as well as Distance Reiki treatments in late 2020.

Ever thought about getting a massage but couldn't bring yourself to get fully dressed and leave your comfy, inviting couch alone--especially in cold winter days?  That's what this mobile massage service is all about!  Instead of you going out to get the massage, Phoenix Wellness brings the massage to you!  

It started in mid-2016, when the wishes of clients were heard by a certain individual who had nothing but her clients' needs in mind.  She wanted her clients to feel relaxed and comfortable, and that's exactly what she had set out to do: she set up a system where her clients would receive their treatments in a place that was the most comfortable for them.

Not only does Phoenix Wellness come to you, the massage treatments are also designed to cater to each individual's needs.  There is not just one specific technique used in a session, each experience is unique to what your body and muscles require!

To further the theme of convenience, Phoenix Wellness accepts payments in a variety of methods, and offers DIRECT BILLING as well.  So book an appointment now; or if you have any questions about the treatments, check out the FAQ section or contact Phoenix Wellness.

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