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About Phoenix Wellness

Have you ever gone to a massage appointment and thought to yourself, "Man, this would be so much better if I didn't have to go anywhere after!"?  One of the funny things about life is that thoughts are powerful things; because that one thought right there is what gave birth to Phoenix Wellness!

Phoenix Wellness started making its rounds back in May of 2016.  Clients from the clinic the owner, Aileen, worked at that were coming in for their appointments provided their feedback that reflected their preference towards a more convenient way of receiving massages: they would much rather have their RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) come to them instead of them going to their RMT.  The goal was to not have to drive anywhere to get treatment.  That's when the wheels in Aileen's head started turning.  From those feedbacks, the mobile massage service that Phoenix Wellness offers came to life.

The purpose of getting a massage is to help relieve those tense muscles and feel more relaxed.  This is why the mission of Phoenix Wellness is to make receiving treatments as convenient as possible!

Meet the Owner

Aileen began her journey as a massage therapist in Edmonton, Alberta in 2012.  It was while she attended Makami College that she started providing massage therapy.  At Makami, she studied the Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program.  She graduated in 2014.  Her classes provided the theory knowledge she needs to equip herself to be able to take great care of her clients; while the school clinic allowed her to train and practice those theories that she'd learned.

But her learning hadn't stopped at Makami College after she graduated!  Aileen continues to hone her craft by taking courses and attending seminars to add on to her ever growing arsenal of techniques.  She believes that these skills will help her provide a better massage experience for her current and future clients.

On top of her studies, Aileen has also had experience working in both a clinical and a spa setting.  Her specialties include working with infants, children, adults, seniors, athletes, MVA, and WCB-related clients.  She's been a member of NHPC (Natural Health Practitioners of Canada) since 2013.

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